We like to MOVE IT, MOVE IT! Home Staging in Chicago

As a professional home stager, two of my favorite things are to 1) watch the transformation of a Chicago home 2) watch the results. They say that pictures tell a thousand words, and almost no where is that more true than in home staging.

Don’t be afraid to move it. A Chicago home staging makeover.

The way we live in a home is different than the way we sell it. I know that you’ve heard it before, but really, it is true. Home staging is more than just cleaning, decluttering, and neutralizing, it is about creating an inviting home that buyers will fall in love with. Often that means shifting and moving rooms back to their original intended purpose. Take this home staging makeover in Plainfield, IL.

Based solely on photos, this family room appears to be a little too much about the family – well, their games, and toys anyway. For living, this room may be completely functional for the family that lives in it, but for selling, this is a recipe for lowball offers and low showings.

plainfield IL home staging makeover


After staging, you can see that the room feels completely different. It is now a great space for a family to gather, or to entertain.

plainfield IL home staging after


As you can see from the details in the after photo, this Chicago home sold in only 2 days with multiple offers and at 1.5% over list price. That is in TODAY’S MARKET, not some market from 2003-2004.

I know you are wondering about the furniture in this space….

plainfield home staging after photos


As you can see, the furniture for the family room came from the living room. Sometimes you need to move things around to get the right feel for the home. So, what about the living room then?

plainfield home staging after


While this room did require the rental of some furniture, art, and accessories, the results are clear. The investment in home staging more than paid for itself with multiple offers, a 2013 bidding war. The winners were the sellers – and the buyers – who will now get a lovely move-in ready home.

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