Home Staging keeps it interesting. What are you looking at?

There is nothing with a little sass in home staging. After all, our goal is to control you. Well, control your eye anyway. As a professional home stager, the goal of my work is to control the buyer’s eye when they walk through a home, getting them to look at everything we want them to. We help the room unfold the way that we most want potential buyers to see it. This has to start online, then carry through the actual walk-through.

Home Staging keeps it interesting online

When a potential buyer decides to start home shopping, they typically begin online. Statistics show that over 95% of today’s home buyer begin there. Sites like Realtor.com, Zillow, and Trulia are often their first glimpse at any listing. Even if they contact a Realtor, they will likely narrow their search by going through the photos as they are presented in MLS. So the question is, how do you get their attention?

chicago home staging


Do photos like this one keep anyone’s attention for long? If there were 20 photos of this home, do you think that it’s enticing enough to make buyers want to see more? Perhaps, especially if there isn’t a lot of inventory in the market. It does have nice bones. But really, wouldn’t this home capture them immediately?

chicagoland home staging after

Now imagine 20 of these photos to look through. Which do you think they will be more excited to view? That level of excitement, or interest, will reflect in how they feel when they tour the home. It will also probably reflect in the offer they make on the home.

What are you looking at?

In addition to the fact that the homes are far more interesting is the idea that the furniture, art and accessories placed in this home were done so with careful attention. Do you notice how your eye now moves across the room, taking in the size and scale, going to the beams in the ceiling, and even the burning fire in the fireplace? Where did you look in the first photo? How much of it did you really look around to see? How much time did you spend looking at photo 1 compared to photo 2?

These small changes turn into giant changes when selling your home. Often it’s the difference in selling quickly or languishing on the market. often it’s the difference between selling at top dollar, or average price. Which do you really want to do?

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