What kind of signal is your vacant home sending?

What Kind of Signal is Your Vacant Home Sending?

When it comes to selling your house whether in the Naperville IL area or anywhere, the one thing Buyers demand these days is Value. If you are looking to SELL YOUR VACANT PROPERTY there are some steps you can take in order to maximize your home’s value and minimize your time on the market. As a Leading Home Stager in the Chicagoland area, we strive to help our clients to achieve these goals and make the selling process easier by providing selling solutions that work. Following is our first article from our WHY STAGE A VACANT HOME series.


What kind Of Signal is Your Vacant Home Sending? 

What kind of signal is your empty home sending? To a potential buyer, a vacant house for sale may signal opportunity. A buyer may immediately assume since the seller has moved out that they must be desperate to sell. Add in factors like the condition of the property and how long it has been on the market and the seller could fall victim to low offers and extended market time. To sell a vacant house for top dollar, it is vital that the homeowner effectively Package the home to enhance the buyer’s perception of its value.

This is also true for investors and builders. A perfect example is a great property Chicagoland Home Staging recently had the opportunity to stage for an investor. The investor had a great product in this beautiful 10 unit townhouse complex with all the desirable bells and whistles, and by all accounts they should have been selling quickly. However, after sitting vacant for three months, they still hadn’t sold one unit. Buyers were apparently not getting the “buy me now” signal from the properties. The investor needed a new plan of action and hired a new Realtor with a different kind of marketing strategy which included the same list price but with a staging plan to enhance the packaging of the property. Within just days of marketing the professionally staged townhouse, two units went under contract at list price and a third was in negotiations within a week. Even with a great product, attractive packaging is necessary to send a positive message and generate offers.

This Chicago area home staging company turned lookers into buyers by creating a warm and inviting environment the buyer could make an emotional connection to and sent a must have message.

Here are some photos:

Only a small percentage of buyers can visualize, so when they walk into your home, the vast majority won’t actually be able to visualize the home’s potential. By staging the first room the buyer sees we grabbed their attention immediately to insure a good first impression.


In a vacant home, most buyers have difficulty determining the actual size of the room and what would fit in it. We immediately erased any doubt of size and showed buyers this flexible room has a lot of potential.


A vacant house puts equal emphasis on the positives and negatives of a house. Yes, buyers may be able to clearly see the architecture but they will also clearly see the negatives;  an oddly placed window, door, or switch becomes the focus. Staging keeps the focus on the positive aspects of the home.


Not sure where to start or what’s right for your home?  Chicagoland Home Staging can help; the CHS team has an amazing  track record of success with over 250 million dollars of staged properties sold.  Join the Realtors, Investors, Banks, and Homeowners who maximized their homes potential and sold quickly.
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