What would you do with this space? Chicagoland Home Staging Answers.

If you are popping over here from my Active Rain blog, What would you do with this space? A home staging pop quiz. Thank you for the interest in seeing what we did with the rooms. If you are stopping by here first, then you should pop over there first to see the rooms and form your opinions first. After all, what fun is seeing the answers before you play the game?

What would you do with this vacant Naperville home?

Our first photo was of a vacant room. We asked you to determine which room in the home that it was first, then tell us either how you would stage it, or if you were seeing this on MLS how you, or your customers would respond to it.

Naperville home staging quiz

home staging quiz for naperville home

Is this how you envisioned the space? Is this even the room that you imagined? Vacant rooms, particularly for potential home buyers can be confusing. Often they don’t know what type of room it is (living room, dining room, office, etc) and even when they can discern that from features like chandeliers or ceiling fans, they can’t determine the size and scale. A well staged home creates the vision of the home they could have – a life they could have.

What would you do with this occupied Naperville home?

This room is clearly a living or family room. The furniture in the space completely gives it away. What were your thoughts on this space?

naperville home staging occupied

When you made your recommendations for this space, how much of it was budget driven and how much of it was whatever needed to be done to make the room as good as it could be?  One of the questions that I’ve previously posed is whether our job is to provide the best results, or to minimize the budget. While budget is always at the top of our mind when we make improvements, sometimes swapping out pieces is the right answer.

before and after quiz

Here are a couple more views of this room.

naperville room makeover

room makeover before and after

Chicagoland Home Staging Answers the Pop Quiz

What do you think about our finished product? Do you believe that the home staging made a measurable, marketable difference that helped this seller get a tidy return on investment?