Rolling Meadows Vacant Home Staging: Are you inspired?

As we complete another vacant home staging project for one of our Rolling Meadows, IL investors, I have to think about some of the other homes that we see online – homes that sit empty – and wonder if potential home buyers feel inspired when they look at the photos online.

Rolling Meadows investors receive ROI with Vacant Home Staging

One of the big reasons that investors hire Chicagoland Home Staging is because they know that they’ll receive a high return on investment for their purchase. They know that potential buyers will be won over by the online photos and be excited to see their new home. They say pictures say a thousand words – which is good because most potential buyers won’t move beyond them unless they feel inspired to learn more about the home.

Before staging – is this home really inspiring?

What do vacant homes look like online to potential home buyers?

vacant home staging in chicagoland

vacant home staging naperville

home staging before and after photos

vacant home staging rolling meadows IL

Are you feeling inspired by these photos. Does it leave you wanting to peek around corners or leave you wishing that there were more photos to dream about before you have the chance to see the home. Do you worry that someone else will get there before you?

After home staging – Is this your dream home?

If you were less than inspired by the above photos, then decide if the after photos will make you feel any more excited.

vacant home staging for investors

home staging in rolling meadows IL

before and after photos for vacant homes

chicagoland home staging portfolio

What are some of the key differences in perception between the first set of photos and the second set? Does the second set of photos make the home feel more luxurious or expensive? Do the finishes feel more modern or impressive?

Chances are, you notice more about the features and finishes because one of the goals of professional home staging is to showcase them, helping draw attention to what makes this home unique.

If you are an investor in the greater Chicagoland area and want to make more money on your investment properties, or if you are an individual home own who simply wants to sell faster and for more, contact us today.